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Skinny Round About Ring – Gold Filled
Skinny Round About Ring – Gold Filled
Skinny Round About Ring – Gold Filled
Skinny Round About Ring – Gold Filled
soft and sticky minimalist simple gold filled trio ring set
soft and sticky gold filled stacker ring set

Skinny Round About Ring – Gold Filled

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This is the gold-filled version of the Skinny Round About Ring. The Round About Rings are made for low maintenance people who will happily wear the same thing everyday because you just want to be comfortable.

Do you ever feel round like a ball? Me too, everyday. Round things make the world go round. Let’s take rolling down a hill for example. Whether you’re young or old, it is unmistakably, by far, one of the simplest forms of great fun. All you need is a hill with a slight slope and maybe a friend or two to roll with you.

Get the gold filled trio set and pair it with the Hammered Round About Ring or the Mini Ball Round About Ring, or create any combination of a trio and save $5. Individually add each ring to your cart. Code will automatically apply at checkout.


  • The Skinny Round About Ring is about 1mm thick
  • Made from 14k Gold Fill that's pressure bonded to brass. Gold fill is made from a thicker layer of gold compared to gold plating that will last longer.
  • Wear and scratches will show with time like all precious metals, but we think character is beautiful.