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Goji: An Exploration on Preservation

The Goji I, II, III, IV, and V Earrings began as a collection of rough shapes. Carved from wax and casted by hand, each piece was made to replicate the details of decay. If you keep 100 things in your life, every one of those things will be used, worn out, replaced, thrown out, or become obsolete. Our biological instinct is to preserve what is valued, but what would it mean to value something yet choose not to sustain, retain, or protect it?   50 years ago when we landed on the moon, 100 objects were left behind. A family photograph by one of the Apollo 16 astronauts, a portion of their lunar lander, the American flag. In July 2011,...

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A Brief Conversation: Who You Are Is Not Set in Stone

A series of brief conversations on any topic that comes to mind that I think is worth sharing. This first part of the series is a voice recording of a conversation that I transcribed featuring Pam Lau, a Toronto photographer. We had a chat about the shift from the golden age of experimentation on Instagram and how changes in the way it's used can be conflicting and suppress who you are.

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