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Most brands will tell you a beautifully sentimental story that fine jewelry should be an investment heirloom to pass on to your grand babies and your grand babie’s babies. Jewelry is not that serious and it means something entirely different for Soft and Sticky.

The cause to a lot of pressure comes from our desire to extend the inevitable and to keep things pristine, so I became attuned to observe the the mundane and the beautifully ordinary process when something is breaking down, worn, patina, wrinkled, or oxidized.

This drove my design philosophy to design jewelry the way I think Soft and Sticky’s jewelry should be worn: in the shower, while making paper mache (will segue into this), and to sleep in (if you wanted to), so you don’t have to be precious with your jewelry. Even something hard and solid like a precious metal will over time break down and approach it’s primordial state, becoming even less perfect, more irregular.

In a completely selfish way, I wanted to bring the joy of play and carefreeness that I had as a child to Soft and Sticky. Every summer afternoon I made paper mache, dug for earthworms in the backyard, and tossed slime onto the ceiling to witness its eventual fall onto my dusty bedroom floor. Soft and Sticky is that exploration for what it means to play.

When I was a child, I saw everyday things not as they are, but with wonder for what they can represent. No thought of broken bones or getting “sticky”. Every piece is handmade in Toronto, Canada with precious metals like recycled .925 sterling silver and unique in it’s own unevenness, asymmetry, imbalance.


Angie Chan


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