Soft and Sticky is an exploration of jewelry and art objects made from elements of play.

Our approach to making is influenced by our childhood – to make and break things. Messy, imperfect things. Paper mache. Finger painting on walls and furniture. Digging for earthworms in the backyard. Tossing slime onto the ceiling to witness its eventual fall behind the door of our dusty bedroom floor. We chase a kind of softness that departures from the pursuit of flawless perfection and extend abstraction, asymmetry, patina, texture, and decay into our explorations.

Soft and Sticky is an observation and reflection – of ordinary things, mundane moments. In-between complexities of highs that feel so good, sorrows that change us, and I-don't-knows. Soft and Sticky exists as a reminder on the fragility and softness of life. 

“I want us to be doing things, prolonging life's duties as much as we can. I want death to find me planting my cabbages, neither worrying about it nor the unfinished gardening.”
― Michel de Montaigne


Our aim is simple – to make things with precious metals and manage conscious practices in the studio:

1 – Production from casting and finishing is locally made to order in Toronto, Canada.
2 – Precious metals are kept in a circular supply chain. Scrap metal in the process is collected, refined and recycled to prevent any precious metals from being lost.
3 – Biodegradable chemicals and cleaning agents are used and disposed of safely to avoid contaminates from going into the earth.
4 – Made-to-order production. We may be slow, but we create only what is needed to keep the footprint of our production small.
5 – Transition to casting 100% in recycled precious metals to minimize the environmental impacts of mining.


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