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Soft and Sticky is a creation of jewelry and objects made from elements of play.

Our approach to making is influenced by our childhood – making and breaking things; chasing a sense of inherent carefreeness. Paper mache. Finger painting. Digging for earthworms in the backyard. Tossing slime onto the ceiling to witness its eventual fall onto a dusty bedroom floor.

Soft and Sticky is an exploration – to take in ordinary things and mundane moments and see them with wonder; as if it's the first time. To make and do things with tenderness, imperfection, and the messy in-between. 

Our design philosophy embraces our continuous state of evolving; rooted in meaning and deliberate unevenness, asymmetry, and imbalance. We observe the beautiful in-between; when something is breaking down, worn, patina, wrinkled, aged and imperfect and extend that into our designs.



Our aim is simple – to make things with precious metals and manage conscious practices in the studio:

1 – Production from casting and finishing is locally made to order in Toronto, Canada.
2 – Precious metals are kept in a circular supply chain. Scrap metal in the process is collected, refined and recycled to prevent any precious metals from being lost. Our goal is to pilot a precious metal recycling program by 2025.
3 – Biodegradable chemicals and cleaning agents are used and disposed of safely to avoid contaminates from going into the earth.
4 – Made-to-order production. We may be slow, but we create only what is needed to keep the footprint of our production small.
5 – Transition to casting 100% in recycled precious metals to minimize the environmental impacts of mining.


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