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  • soft and sticky jewelry care polishing cloth
    soft and sticky jewelry polishing cloth for silver gold precious metals
    $20 CAD
  • sterling silver earring  hypoallergenic
    Ante Earrings
    $85 CAD
  • 925 sterling silver everyday hoop earring jewelry imbalance unisex silver jewelry
    925 sterling silver jewelry imperfect unisex silver jewelry
    $265 CAD
  • Cascading Figaro Chain
    Cascading Figaro Chain
    $165 CAD
  • simple geometric shaped 925 sterling silver earring in a pair or a single
    smooth crystal quartz statement earring paired with a organic sterling silver stud
    Sold Out
  • sterling silver unique organic shaped womens silver ring
    sterling silver unique organic shaped womens silver ring
    From $120 CAD
  • androgynous 925 sterling silver ring, oxidized to show texture and lines
    androgynous 925 sterling silver oxidized ring
    $175 CAD
  • Crumpled Bracelet I
    Crumpled Bracelet I
    $395 CAD
  • Crumpled Bracelet II
    Crumpled Bracelet II
    $375 CAD
  • Crumpled Earrings
    Crumpled Earrings
    $225 CAD
  • Crumpled Necklace I
    Crumpled Necklace I
    From $705 CAD
  • Crumpled Necklace II
    Crumpled Necklace II
    From $675 CAD
  • mens silver chains and sterling silver necklaces
    sterling silver curb chain for men and women
    $125 CAD
  • silver ear cuff 925
    no piercing need ear cuff
    $110 CAD
  • minimalist silver aesthetic jewelry ear cuff earring
    irregular shaped earring earcuff handmade from silver
    $120 CAD
  • sterling silver jewelry made in toronto canada
    soft and sticky silver aesthetic minimalist unique design earrings and jewelry
    $130 CAD
  • Energy Ring
    Energy Ring
    $165 CAD
  • Fidget Ring Charm (Add-On)
    Fidget Ring Charm (Add-On)
    $45 CAD
  • Figaro Chain
    Figaro Chain
    $125 CAD
  • Figaro Chain (Thin)
    Figaro Chain (Thin)
    $89 CAD
  • Flat Round About Ring Set
    sterling silver simple band ring
    $115 CAD
  • flat snake chain necklace sterling silver
    sterling silver herringbone necklace 18"
    $110 CAD
  • Flow Incense Holder
    Flow Incense Holder
    Sold Out
  • Foil Ring I
    Foil Ring I
    $365 CAD