Precious Metals Guide

The materials used is as important as the jewelry and objects that are made and designed. While there are no perfectly sustainable mediums and ways of producing or consuming, we approach making anything with use and longevity in mind.


Recycled Sterling Silver  

The majority of the Soft and Sticky catalog is made from solid recycled sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy that contains 92.5% purity of silver and 7.5% of other metals (most commonly copper) to strengthen its lasting durability in a finished jewelry piece or object.

Most of the sterling silver jewelry you see today is made from recycled silver because historically known, silver has always been considered precious. It’s a natural resource limited to what exists on this earth. While it is no longer used as legal tender, it is essentially currency because silver holds intrinsic value in the same way that gold does. It has and can always be melted down, refined, and recycled repeatedly and used to create new jewelry and objects without degrading and altering its properties.


99.9% Pure Silver

Pure 99.9% silver is not often used in the production of jewelry and objects because it is soft and malleable compared to sterling silver. Pure silver is used most often to create Sterling Silver for a stronger and more durable alloy for practical and wearable use.


10/12/14/18k Gold

The most common variations of gold comes in yellow, white, and rose. Gold is highly coveted in jewelry for its lustre and its lasting durability when made into an alloy of 10/12/14/18k Gold. Gold alloys contain a percentage of pure gold and other metals (most commonly silver and copper) to strengthen its durability for use and wear in jewelry.

In gold, purity is measured by karat. (note – karat is not to be confused with carat; a measurement used to describe the weight of gemstones). 

10k gold – 10/24 parts (41.66%) purity in gold.
12k gold – 12/24 parts (50%) purity in gold.
14k gold – 14/24 parts (58.33%) purity in gold.
18k gold – 18/24 parts (75%) purity in gold.

10/12/14/18/24k gold holds intrinsic value like sterling silver. It is a precious metal that can be  refined and recycled repeatedly to create new jewelry and objects. 

Soft and Sticky accepts custom orders on existing designs in our collection made in 10/12/14k Gold. E-mail for inquiries.


24k Gold

24k Gold contains no other metals and is coined 24 karat for its 24/24 parts (100%) gold. Historically, 24k gold was used in jewelry, ornamental adornments, objects and coins. It’s not as commonly used in today’s production of everyday wearable jewelry because it’s far too soft and malleable.

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