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  • Crumpled Bracelet I
    Crumpled Bracelet I
    $395 CAD
  • Crumpled Bracelet II
    Crumpled Bracelet II
    $375 CAD
  • sterling silver elongated chain bracelet made in canada
    925 sterling silver chain bracelet
    $98 CAD
  • made to order paperclip chain bracelet made from sterling silver
    sterling silver paperclip bracelet for small wrist
    $115 CAD
  • soft and sticky bipoc asian woman small business owned
    sterling silver metalsmith jeweler
    $129 CAD
  • Myo Bracelet is a collection of bracelets made with a ‘choose-your-own’ clasp, mariner gucci link, large clasp
    made to order sterling silver bracelet, mens womens
    $129 CAD
  • soft and sticky silver jewelry bracelet
    soft and sticky myo bracelet made to order sterling silver
    $115 CAD
  • soft and sticky magnetic spherical clasp
    soft and sticky 925 sterling silver bracelet made to order toronto
    $115 CAD
  • sterling silver mariner gucci link bracelet
    sterling silver elongated cylindrical magnetic clasp bracelet
    $129 CAD
  • soft and sticky jewelry care polishing cloth
    soft and sticky jewelry polishing cloth for silver gold precious metals
    $20 CAD