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925 sterling silver chain bracelet
sterling silver elongated chain bracelet made in canada
androgynous 925 sterling silver bracelet
sterling silver elongated chain bracelet made in canada
sterling silver chain bracelets for layering made in canada toronto

Pura Bracelet

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The Pura Bracelet is designed with an elongated sterling silver oval link chain sourced from Italy. The chain links have a flat profile that sits comfortably flush against the wrist. Comes high polished and wears overtime to a better with age, slightly more matte finish.

Made to order bracelet to fit your wrist. To measure your wrist, use a flexible tape measurer or a strip of paper on your wrist where you would wear the bracelet. Add half an inch to your measurement for a snug comfortable fit, or 1" for a loose fit. The "average" women's wrist size is about 7" and the "average" men's wrist size is 8".

Pair with the Paperclip Bracelet.


  • Each link measures about 4mm x 8 mm
  • Made from Sterling Silver that doesn’t contain metal additions that can typically cause infections or allergic reactions.
  • Chain is sourced and made from Italy.
  • The oils on your skin keeps sterling silver clean, wear often to prevent tarnishing over time.
  • Wear and scratches will show with time like all precious metals, but we think character is beautiful.
  • Made to order, allow 2-4 weeks to ship.


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