‘Twin Stars’ is a dance of opposing forces that enhance its brilliance and completeness to be the shiniest stars when they are together.

Soft and sticky is an exploration that approaches jewelry, art and objects made with a sense of softness – Our aim is simple, to make nice things with solid precious metals like .925 sterling silver and 14k gold with conscious practices and a circular production process in mind.

bestsellers. can't go wrong

  • soft and sticky The tiniest, sweetest necklace. A miniature pendant for love inspired by a helium heart balloon. Strung on a classic figaro chain, choose from a 16"-22” chain.
    A note on a small act of kindness: In an effort to support our communities and stand up against inequality, injustice, and hate, $15 from every purchase of the Minikin Necklace will be donated to a rotating organization bianually. sterling silver dainty heart necklace
    $135 CAD
  • the squish ring is made from an organic shape that looks different from every angle
    stack silver organic ring
    From $165 CAD
  • silver half hoop earring
    softandsticky sterling silver jewelry earring minimalist comfortable
    From $125 CAD
  • soft and sticky minimalist half hoop earring
    minimalist unique artist handmade everyday earring jewelry
    $145 CAD
  • soft and sticky 925 sterling silver ring wavelength
    soft and sticky organic shaped wavelength ring
    $145 CAD
  • sterling silver unique organic shaped womens silver ring
    sterling silver unique organic shaped womens silver ring
    From $120 CAD
  • Figaro Chain (Thin)
    Figaro Chain (Thin)
    $89 CAD
  • Space Debris Earring
    Space Debris Earring
    From $95 CAD
  • sterling silver mariner gucci link bracelet
    sterling silver elongated cylindrical magnetic clasp bracelet
    $129 CAD
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card
    From $50 CAD

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