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soft and sticky 925 sterling silver ring wavelength
soft and sticky organic shaped wavelength ring
unique organic shaped wavelength ring
soft and sticky sterling silver ring
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soft and sticky made to order sterling silver jewelry
Wavelength Ring

Wavelength Ring

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Irregularly shaped, appears different from every angle. Cast in solid sterling silver. Comes polished with a smooth mirror finish and gets better with everyday gradual wear; the way we think jewelry is meant to be worn. Not preciously, but often.

Object Notes

Part of a series of rings titled Energy, Wavelength and Frequency. You are listening to a sound, a melody, a genre on shuffle. Metal, punk, and grunge feels soft. Hip hop, jazz, and classical feels heavy. Sometimes you don’t know why – a sound chooses you like a lingering, repeating thought that keeps coming back and excites; and sometimes something you wish you could forget. Every sound relives a sensory experience, a memory.


  • The face of the Frequency Ring is an organic/irregular shaped ring that measures about 18mm x 10mm. The thinnest part of the band measures about 4-5mm.
  • Made from solid Sterling Silver that doesn’t contain metal additions that can typically cause infections or allergic reactions.
  • The oils on your skin keeps sterling silver clean, wear often to prevent tarnishing over time.
  • Wear and scratches will show with time like all precious metals, but we think character is beautiful.
  • Made to order, allow 2-4 weeks for production.
  • Email hello@softandsticky for custom size orders and questions.


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