Twin Stars

A collection of gentle reminders that even in the Land of Stars, shadows that cast among us are a duality that exists to enhance its brilliance. ‘Twin Stars’ is a dance of opposing forces that enhance its brilliance and completeness to be the shiniest stars when they are together.

11 products
  • Land of Stars Necklace
    Land of Stars Necklace
    From $480 CAD
  • Land of Stars Bracelet
    Land of Stars Bracelet
    $255 CAD
  • Twin Stars Ring
    Twin Stars Ring
    From $165 CAD
  • Kiki Ring
    Kiki Ring
    $145 CAD
  • Twinkle Ring
    Twinkle Ring
    $145 CAD
  • I'm a Star Ring
    I'm a Star Ring
    Sold Out
  • Kiki Bracelet
    Kiki Bracelet
    $170 CAD
  • Kiki Necklace
    Kiki Necklace
    From $135 CAD
  • Lala Necklace
    Lala Necklace
    From $145 CAD
  • Lala Earring
    Lala Earring
    From $80 CAD
  • Kiki Earring
    Kiki Earring
    From $80 CAD