Confessed Feelings

By angela chan

The place of departure for a lot of creative work are feelings that begin abstract, unclear and ambiguous. And the creative process is the avenue in which confessed feelings are explored.

So much of what we think we feel is dominated by rationalized feelings; that we should and shouldn’t feel a certain way. Instead of being honest to ourselves and to others, we believe that there are certain feelings that are acceptable, and some that are not. We have the fear that if and when we recognize and admit to a (negative) feeling that is undesirable, then it must be a (negative) reflection of ourselves – but this isn't true because being human is feeling the highs and the lows.

When we begin to rationalize, we allow feelings to come second. Feelings and thoughts cannot coexist at the same time because once we begin to rationalize, we've already surrendered the capacity to feel. But we can change that.


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A powerful mindset when it comes to healing is accepting how you feel – staring at yourself inward out to recognize the immediacy of your feelings of happiness, love, amusement, hurt, sadness, anger, or fear. You can feel hurt and sad and it has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself because no one – not a single person or thing can tell you your truest most honest feelings. When a feeling passes, rationalizing it becomes more practical because thinking processes information to help solve the problems that our feelings may present.

Confessed feelings is the root of being true to yourself that align actions with feelings; the way I think the most authentic artists/creatives create.


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