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organic free form 925 sterling silver jewelry to wear everyday
Isobar Ring

Isobar Ring

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The Isobar Ring is hand-carved from a block of wax and casted in solid recycled sterling silver. Comes high polished and gets better with gradual wear – the way we think jewelry is meant to be worn.

Object Notes

When isobars are close together, the wind is strong like when you slide down a big slide at the playground really fast. When they are far apart, the wind is gentle, the air changes slowly, like when you walk up a sloped hill.


  • Measures approx. 6-7mm at it's widest.
  • Made from Recycled Sterling Silver.
  • Sterling silver doesn’t contain metal additions that can typically cause infections or allergic reactions.
  • The oils on your skin keeps sterling silver clean, wear often to prevent tarnishing over time.
  • Wear and scratches will show with time like all precious metals, but we think character is beautiful.
  • Made to order, allow 2-4 weeks to ship.


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